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This page shows the green apps we’ve collected that use EPA data. You can sort them by topic and platform or you can search for them in the search box. Submit an application here. Before you submit an app, please read our application disclaimer.

forcast_now 0

Forecast Now

Forecast Now uses any user-entered town and state to provide you with the latest detailed local forecast, hazardous weather conditions, air quality index, radar...

Water Safe 0


The goal of H20safe is to inform citizens of water contamination in their area and act on it by contacting their representatives. H2Osafe has...

hows_my_waterway 0

How’s My Waterway?

How’s My Waterway is a mobile-friendly website that helps people quickly find information, in plain-English, about the condition of their local waters on their...

ozonemap 0


OzoneMap provides a real-time ozone map that allows residents of the Houston, Texas region to make informed decisions about protecting their health by limiting...

ChesapeakeStat 0


A public website that promotes improved accountability, fosters coordination, and promotes transparency by sharing performance information on goals, indicators, strategies, and funding.

we_recycle 0


WeRecycle is a platform to facilitate communication about waste between citizens and their community. It consists of a community-built map of outdoor and event...

air_quality_data_explorer 0

Air Quality Data Explorer

Explore and visualize AirNow’s archival air quality data across hundreds of sites. Compare graphs at multiple sites, and observe ozone and particulate matter are...