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A gadget or a widget is a small piece of Web programming code that makes something interesting appear on your blog, wiki, or Web page. Information in a widget can feature updated information or let the reader do something like use a search box.

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urbanwaters 0

Urban Waters Widget

Be a Part of the Solution to Urban Waters Pollution. This widget provides various water pollution prevention tips.

find-your-watershed 0

Find Your Watershed Widget

Find your watershed using this widget. Once you locate your watershed, simply click on the first link, citizen-based groups at work in this watershed,...

iWARM-widget 0

iWARM Widgets

Add the iWARM widget to your Web page. The widget helps users on your Web site understand how much energy is saved through recycling,...

natural-lakeshore 0

Natural Lakeshores Widget

This widget, launched during Lakes Appreciation Month (July), provides a series of ten tips for improved lakeshore stewardship, focusing on natural lakeshores – lakeshores...

srs 0

SRS Widget

The SRS widget is a service EPA provides to enable a person or organization to add a small SRS search box on their web...