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toxicSlayar 0


Augmented reality layer that displays the EPA database of Toxic Release Inventory (2009) from thousands of US facilities, by toxic chemical, by pound and...

airstatus 0


AirStatus is a notification network for individuals who want air quality updates for their local community. It’s aimed at anyone with asthma, allergies, or...

air_quality_data_explorer 0

Air Quality Data Explorer

Explore and visualize AirNow’s archival air quality data across hundreds of sites. Compare graphs at multiple sites, and observe ozone and particulate matter are...

we_recycle 0


WeRecycle is a platform to facilitate communication about waste between citizens and their community. It consists of a community-built map of outdoor and event...

EarthFriend 0


EarthFriend is an application that incorporates interactive educational games, fast facts, and database importation from the EPA’s very own databases. EPA Data Source: Envirofacts...