Application Disclaimer

Disclaimer and criteria for linking to third-party apps

EPA cannot attest to the accuracy of the information provided by apps that are linked to from the Developer Central website except for apps EPA owns (tagged EPA). Linking to external apps is not an endorsement by EPA of the apps themselves, the owners or sponsors of the apps, or the information presented in the apps. EPA does not receive any compensation for apps you purchase.

EPA reserves the right to remove any and all material from the Developer Central website at any time and without prior notice. EPA prefers that apps be accessible to a wide range of users, including users with disabilities (see EPA’s Section 508 webpage for more information).

For EPA to consider including an app on the Developer Central website, the following criteria must be met:

  • The app must be related to the environment and include EPA data.
  • The app must present information in an unbiased and fair manner.
  • The app must be free to the public.
  • The app must not include any solicitation or opportunity to buy products or services.
  • The app must not advocate for or against any political party, candidate, or group.
  • The primary purpose of the app must not be to request contributions or donations nor engage in fundraising.

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