Community Goal-Setting App

This application idea is approved by the EPA.

Targets the volunteering community in all states relevant to the Chesapeake Bay Program. App could be web based or mobile and location aware. The app will allow users to:

  • Pledge their efforts to help with maintaining the health of the bay
  • Set goals and track them while viewing the efforts of others in their area
  • Write reviews and comments
  • Share information with friends via Social Media
  • Look up volunteering activities in regards to CB restoration in  their area, such as clean up, water monitoring, trash removal, educational events, etc. Users can track their participation in these activities and see how it meet thee goals they set. Each goal achieved can be marked, ranked, given a star/token etc.

The general idea of the app is to encourage users participation in local activities as well as document their journey in helping out the environment with groups of others in local area.

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