FitBit for your Car

This application idea is approved by the EPA.

Save fuel with the FitBit for your car!

Just like with personal fitness, “automotive fitness” is maximized when the user is motivated. This app would make your smartphone a FitBit for your car by allowing you to:

1. Compete with others for the best mpg along your route — by vehicle competition class.
2. Compete with yourself to maximize your mpg for a route or time period.
3. Set mpg goals and change your driving habits to beat them!
4. See the mpg other drivers (with similar vehicles) get along your route or in your area.
5. Connect with eco-drivers.

Similar to Map My Run and FitBit, this app would use a smartphone’s GPS and connectivity to track the driver and vehicle. The app would be able to track the fuel consumed using inputs from the driver (i.e., gas pump readings). The critical element is using EPA Green Vehicle Guide GHG scoring to match vehicles and truly pit the skills of the eco-drivers against each other.

Use of EPA data: The app uses EPA data to categorize vehicles to competition classes. Specifically, GHG scores — ten out of ten being the best – from EPA’s Green Vehicle Guide could be used to equalize the vehicles (to the extent possible) . The result is using our competitive nature to influence driving behavior and, perhaps, even convince someone to upgrade to the next “mpg competition class.”

Additional details can be found here.

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